“Words With Friends” might come to the Xbox One


In yet another case of mobile app developers not knowing when enough is enough, advertising campaigns appear to suggest that the popular mobile application and blatant Scrabble rip-off ‘Words With Friends’ will be released for the Xbox One.


‘Words With Friends” is ‘developed’ by Zynga, insofar as much as a company whose fortune derives from shameless theft of intellectual property and Farmville (which is also, unsurprisingly, an exact clone of another, older Facebook app called FarmTown) can develop something of its own. Being a word-based game, Zynga has either a) invented a new, jaw-droppingly well-designed, astonishingly intuitive way to select and place tiles, or b) will rely on the time-tested, time-wasting, and universally irritating “point and click” method as adapted for a controller with two analog sticks. Company history suggests the latter is more possible.

I look forward to the release of “Words With Friends” about as much as I look forward to contracting tetanus.

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Zumba Fitness World Party to be available for the Xbox One



Software developer Majesco recently announced that it would be releasing Zumba Fitness World Party for the Xbox One later this year. The game offers players the luxury of their own living room and the comfort of knowing that as they dance sweatily in front of their TVs, the only things there to judge them are the watchful eyes of their Kinect.

Billed as a cultural journey around the world, the game will doubtless feature various multicultural backgrounds paired with ethnically appropriate voiceovers. The Zumba soundtrack has on it such stars as Lady Gaga, Daddy Yankee, and Pitbull; there are about 40 songs in total. As the player’s in-game character travels around the world and dances the frenetic, sweaty aerobic routine that constitutes Zumba, the player themselves will burn up to a thousand calories per hour—roughly a steak dinner, or an entire 10” apple pie. However, if you find that you are willing to dedicate this much effort to impressing the celebrity Zumba instructors that feature in this game (featuring the likes of Beto,  Gina Grant, or Kass Martin), perhaps it is more advisable to simply start running. Outside.

The game also features two-player support on the Xbox One, presumably when you just aren’t dancing hard enough to Pitbull’s silky rhymes and need a friend to help you win.

The release date for the Xbox One is yet to be announced.

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Recap: The Kinect 2.0 - This is Impressive



The old Kinect was already impressive enough as-is, what with its low-latency 3D imaging and gesture recognition capabilities. If the old Kinect was the Wright brothers’ first successful airplane flight, the new Kinect is an F16 screaming through the skies at Mach 2. It’s impressive, is what we’re saying.

The new Kinect comes bundled with the Xbox One. It has a fully upgraded depth sensor that is three times as sensitive as the old Kinect’s, capable of picking out the wrinkles in your shirt. The functional area of the Kinect is now wider (a 60º improvement in the field of view) and deeper, allowing for up to six people being tracked by the Kinect at once. Twin 1080p-cameras provide absurd picture quality, taking in scenes at 60 frames per second. New technology lets the Kinect count how long it takes for light to return, an operation on the order of nanoseconds.

It can now do all this in a completely darkened room, thanks to its new and powerful system of infrared sensing that can map its surroundings without any visible light.

New software developed by Microsoft, run by in-house designed hardware and architecture on the Kinect, will allow it to perform feats of skill with astonishing precision and speed. The new Kinect can measure your heartbeat at a glance, by watching the depth of prominent pulse points on your body and counting the seconds in between beats. Muscle tracking algorithms can calculate the biomechanics of your movements—how off balance you are, what parts of your body are under pressure, how much power and speed your movements carry. Skeleton mapping allows the Kinect to track hand motions, and orientation calculation plays into how a player interacts with the in-game world. Facial recognition, helped by the double HD cameras, can not only spot and identify your face, but also check if you’re engaged or not engaged and choose to ignore voice commands if they don’t seem to be directed at the Xbox One. Speaking of speech recognition, the Kinect microphones and speech recognition software help to pick out, once acclimated, your voice, from background noise or other acoustic distractions.

When Skynet becomes self-aware and begins building Terminators, the headless robot bodies will no doubt storm their nearest electronics retailer and mount Kinect 2.0s on their shoulders. And when the last vestiges of the human resistance against the machines begin to flounder, they will flee the robots with the twin 1080p cameras, perfect night vision. And they will know that, even as they run with whatever feeble power their weak legs can provide, their heartrates are being taken by the staggering capabilities of the Kinect 2.0.

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Killer Instinct arriving on Xbox One (Trailer)



Thought it’s had its dev team entirely eviscerated and re-constituted from the shattered hopes of its former developer, Rare, the fighter game Killer Instinct will indeed arrive on the Xbox One at launch. Microsoft showed an incredibly short trailer of the new Killer Instinct at its E3 presentation, which focused almost wholly on pre-rendered cutscenes, classic catchphrases (C-c-c-c-combo breaker!) and not much else. Memorable characters like Jago and Sabrewulf are in the game, and Madcatz is creating a fight stick accessory for the title. The graphics are reminiscent of Street Fighter IV, what with the 3D-style movement in a 2D-plane; the gameplay is much improved. The game also sports streaming features via game-streaming-monolith Twitch (on top of the Xbox One’s game recording capabilities). Update: New Trailer!

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Mad Catz will be developing accessories



Along with its competitor Turtle Beach, gaming accessory company Mad Catz is one of the two manufacturers officially contracted with Microsoft to develop equipment for the Xbox One. Mad Catz is better known in some circles as Tritton. The official press release is rather tightfisted as far as details are concerned; presumably, they will produce Xbox One-specialized gaming headsets and connectors.

The Xbox One has updated its chat port to a new, proprietary design, eliminating backwards compatibility with old audio and mic accessories. Currently only Tritton and Turtle Beach are the only two manufacturers advertising Xbox One equipment, however, additional companies are expected to announce their Xbox One wares at the E3 Expo.

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Dragon Age III coming to the Xbox One



Here comes another title with Roman numerals tacked on: the third installment of the Dragon Age franchise, arriving, most likely, on the Xbox One and multiple other platforms, later this year. Amazon Italy posted a product listing for Dragon Age III: Inquisition on Friday, a page that has since been removed. While the page was up, the game was classed as an Xbox One title, with no other platforms listed. An Electronic Arts representative was not immediately available to comment, presumably because they were too busy stealing teddy bears from orphans or being otherwise pointlessly evil. (I’m not the biggest fan of Electronic Arts, as you may gather.) Dragon Age III is built on the next-generation Frostbite 3 engine, which also powers the upcoming Battlefield 4, Need for Speed: Rivals, and the next Mass Effect sequel.

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Hot weather has come to Brooklyn. Boys breakdance on the subway, doing tricks with their baseball caps and beatboxing, cheering. 

The sidewalks inexplicably smell like flowers. 

I buy steamed chicken dumplings and wine. I put on cut off shorts and find $7 in the pockets.

The days are as long as the line at the ice cream window. I know my air conditioner may not last the summer.

I feel too old for these scabby knees, this tangled hair, but the heat has a way of letting you be 9 or 12 or 16 again. Before boyfriends. Before phone bills. You left the house without makeup. You forgot mirrors and money. You guzzled lemonade, popsicles, frozen snickers bars, barefoot on the lawn. You may have forgotten this dusty, scraped up kid from the suburbs, but the heat remembers.


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Real Training: Just call me Harry Potter (Overcoming Adversity)



Harry is no stranger to adversity.

I’m a huge Harry Potter fan.  I suppose it’s because I’ve always loved a good story of good –vs— evil, and Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling tells a fabulous story!

Harry is no stranger to adversity.  As a young boy, he was told that his parents were killed in a car crash when he was just a baby, so he was being raised by his aunt and uncle who make him live in a tiny closet under the stairs and treat him more like vermin than like a family member.  His spoiled cousin, Dudley is always giving Harry a hard time.

On his 11th birthday, Harry receives a mysterious letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, telling him that he has been chosen to attend as a student.  The letter is delivered by a gigantic man named Hagrid, who tells Harry the true circumstances of his life.

Harry learns that his parents were a wizard and a witch, and they were killed by the evil wizard Voldemort while protecting him.  Harry still has the lightening shaped scar on his forehead from that event.

Since he somehow survived that attack and deprived Voldemort of his powers, Harry is quite famous in the wizarding world.

Harry begins his training at Hogwarts and meets 2 children who will turn out to be life-long friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.  The three of them spend the next 10 years and 7 books (8 movies) honing their skills and fighting evil in deadly and dangerous situations.

Through it all, Harry choses, time after time, to embrace the good he sees in life.  Each deadly encounter or mistreatment seems to make him better…stronger.

We all face adversity.  And the truth is, it can make us or break us.

What will you choose in the face of adversity?  Will you allow the walls of adversity that confront you in life compel you to grow?

Will you, like Harry Potter, choose to embrace life, despite the challenges?  Will you choose to learn and grow, and even welcome adversity because of the lesson that is on the other side of it?

I hope you will choose to overcome.  I have, and it’s made all the difference.

Overcome and prosper!



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